We have selected high quality stock from traditional British breeds that are particularly suited to our low intensity, forage based farming system. The cattle and sheep rotate around the farm, grazing extensively, they are weaned late, mature slowly and achieve the highest health status.

The grazing alternates between permanent pastures of ancient chalk downland and herb rich clover leys.


Sheep - we have two old, hardy breeds; the local Poll Dorset, which lamb in Autumn and the Lleyn, a Welsh, lowland breed, which lamb in Spring. Both breeds are run as ‘closed flocks’, supplying lamb all year round.


Beef - we maximise ‘hybrid vigour’, via our own 3 way bred cross of Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn. All traditional British breeds that thrive outside, are docile and efficiently convert our grass based diet to produce full flavoured slow grown beef.